【 EXHIBITION 】pukupuku solo exhibition『FLYING』

[ EXHIBITION ] pukupuku solo exhibition『FLYING』


From 8/19, the exhibition of Aquvii's recommended artist "pukupuku" will start.
Mr. Pukupuku, who is active as a manga artist, I met in the capital of Yamato. I am moved by the rare opportunity to see one-of-a-kind art together.

There are a lot of him in the corridor, so please look forward to his character! !


Pukupuku Cartoonist and illustrator. 29 years old, raised in Nara.

Occasionally holds exhibitions of illustrations while drawing manga. This is the first time that I have mainly exhibited hand-drawn works.

2018 One-shot manga “Anoyo no Pool” published in “Weekly Morning”.

2019 Manga "A person who does not rent anything" (A person who does not rent anything / Original draft Pukupuku / Manga) Serialized in "Weekly Morning", released in August.

April 2020 First solo exhibition “Shinto” at Shinjuku Golden Gai.

December 2020 Solo exhibition "happens to be" held at Osaka America Village. August 2021 “Zakken! (Naho Uemura/Original Pukupuku/Manga) Started serialization in Manga One/Ura Sunday.

July 2023 “Zakken! ] Completed 4 volumes released.

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