【 NEW ARRIVAL 】 Driink holder 【x onawa】
大人気ブランド「onawa」とのコラボレーションの Driink holder が登場!
【RESTOCK】 【 HIGHTIDE SPECIAL 】 昭和と平成 限定スーベニアグラス
【 HIGHTIDE SPECIAL 】 昭和と平成 限定スーベニアグラスが再入荷
[RENEWAL] Renewal commemorative coupon
【 New Arrival 】Drink Baag【Ginjyaal】
Choose your favorite color! Rainbow-colored colorful gifts
When choosing a gift, do you ever find yourself wondering what to give?
[New Arrival] Color zip bag khaki
New colors are now available from zip bag this year!
[New Arrival] Harukaze ring fuku (Fuku) sv925
The popular Harukaze ring fuku is now available in the sv925 series!
【 New Arrival 】melting pot
From tmelting pot Introducing the TRIM-T, perfect for summer, and a renewed CAP!
[collection] antique bear

The online store is stocked with items collected by the couple who own it while traveling. Antique bears are here!!

Two new items from Aquvii jeans are back in stock!!

[Collection] Books and outings, spring outfits NEW BCB×Aquvii Jeans
Why not grab your favorite book and start your digital detox?
Highly requested □■ HIGHNECK TANK & □■ HIGHNECK TANK
is back in stock!
[collection] Mother's Day gifts for moms who love...
Mother's Day gift special for your favorite mom!

[New Arrival] Aquvii's Spread Charm

I made one-of-a-kind, unique accessories using vintage parts I collected while traveling around the world.

【Lilien】Hair hairpin & Hair clip

Accessories are back in stock from Lilien, a workshop in the Czech Republic that has been producing unique costume jewelry using the same techniques for the past 100 years !

[Collection] Recommended for your new life! A collection of rings for daily use
In these busy days of changing environments, we'll introduce you to Aquvii's casually playful rings that are easy to use daily to bring you a little healing and morale boost for every occasion!
[Project] Lien necklace〈corne x Aquvii〉Announcement

On March 27, 2024, corne and Aquvii donated 30% of the proceeds from the sales of Lien Necklace to Ishikawa Prefecture.

[Limited time offer] Clear Gamaguchi <Bonus included>
April is the start of something new!
To everyone who has started a new life with Aquvii
We are currently offering a small bonus on our online store for April only.
clear gamaguchi <with bonus> is now available!
[New Arrival] Ginjyaal goods now available! !

Ginjyaal! (with a bonjour-like intonation)

New products from "Ginjyaal", a ginger ale produced by Aquvii, are now available! !

[Ginjyaal] Recommended ways to use Ginjyaal
Ginjyaal, the source of ginger ale produced by Aquvii.
Aquvii's chef Nakam introduces recommended arrangements!
[New Arrival] Ginjyaal / Ginjyaal necklace [Ginjyaal]
Finally released! Nice to meet you, I'm Ginger.
"Ginjyaal", a ginger ale produced by Aquvii, is finally completed!