ABOUT Aquvii


Based on the “gifts” of the antiques, vintage parts, and inspirations that we have collected by traveling all over the world, we design and create items with a twist that makes people smile. The brand name “Aquvii,” which translates to “yawning” in Japanese, encompasses our wish that a smile would gradually pass from person to person.


I was traveling like a backpacker moving from city to city, always on the lookout for the flea markets.

Holding a vintage item or local artwork in my hands, and thinking how perfect gift it will be for someone special, I couldn’t resist buying what I felt connected to. Unable to carry everything that I’ve purchased, I kept sending packages to Japan from local post offices.

Back then, writing an e-mail wasn’t as common as it is now. Realizing that I want to spend the rest of my life doing something similar to the act of “writing a letter,” I opened a store in 2005.

I started making original products with the wish to share the same feeling of finding the object that rings your heart.

Items that I’ve made gradually traveled to many places, from my friends’ stores to shops in foreign cities.

When you come across my products, I hope they will make you smile and go “wait, what?” then “ah I see!” noticing the playful twist.

Creating this kind of precious moment is the reason for everything here at Aquvii.

And our story continues to 2020, which will probably make a page on our history book for many reasons.

Realizing the need for spontaneity, we made a little hideout shop somewhere in Tokyo without publicizing its address.

You can meet everyone at our shop with an atelier where we all laugh during tea time, hide in a secret room, and think about the next fun projects.

Tucked between the antiques and vintages, you might find a freshly made new design.

Wondering “Who is going to knock on that door today?” we look forward to seeing you here someday.

Kyozo Kawabe / Aquvii / August 8, 2021