【Back Story of  EE 】~ Remake Contorol Chino ~

[Back Story of EE] ~ Remake Control Chino ~

New pants have arrived at Aquvii!!
The waist area of ​​these large, vintage chinos has been remade to fit anyone and can be worn without a belt.
We recently visited EE in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, where they tried on a lot of clothes, so we'd like to have the two people from EE appear this time.
First of all, there's Sakana-chan, who is always cheerful and fun.
For darker colors, wear a lighter T-shirt inside, and for lighter colors, wear it a little oversized.
It is also cute when lightly rolled up. Pants are perfect for those who like the vintage feel but have a hard time finding the perfect size.
And Ryu-san always gives off a sense of security and stability.
I always consult with this person about something when I feel like it. I think there must be a lot of customers like that.
Oh, it had nothing to do with the pants.
Ryu-san tried on some darker colors, but it seems he only chose beige. Even if men wear them, they have a slightly elegant look and a silhouette that doesn't look too wild.
Be sure to check out EE 's online shop for the matching T-shirt.
It may be difficult to choose online as each piece has a different length and material depending on the size of the original vintage clothing, but the waist can be adjusted so that it can be enjoyed by both men and women.
The event at EE is being held until July 15th, but we have some in stock at the Aquvii Online Store. They are also available at the Aquvii Secret Base, so if you want to try them on, come and visit us.
It would be nice to share it with your partner.
We had them try on many other items, so we'd like to introduce some of them here.
This is the AquviiJeans that was recently restocked.
This also suits you, Sakana-chan. There are so many of them on EE that I don't know how many there are so far. I am setting off on a journey.
And this was also introduced last time
Ryu-san and Sakana-chan are the same size. It's magic that makes them fit anyone. Lightweight shorts to get through the summer. I remember Sakana-chan screaming, "I don't know if I'm wearing them!" lol.
It's been a while since I last visited Hamamatsu, but everyone was so nice to me, including the people at the other restaurants, and I had a great time. We also had customers come from Nagoya and Osaka, so thank you all so much.
Kyozo & Nakamu have returned early, but the event at EE will continue until July 15th.
Hamamatsu EE is a great place where wonderful people gather, so please come and visit us.
Well, I'll write again.
Aquvii Kyozo
Finally, here is a photo from my numerous fish collections ♡


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