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I'm back. This is Kyozo from Aquvii.

I recently returned from a European tour that took place in May and June.

In July, we will be releasing a lot of new products that we have been preparing while we were away, as well as products purchased locally, under the theme of "BACK TO"!

Well, I'd also like to talk about my time in Europe, from France to the Netherlands to Belgium, but I'll write about that another time.

First of all, AquviiJeans, which was SOLD OUT


Will be back in stock!

Actually, I had prepared some for the EU, so I brought this with me, but it was very popular and sold out during the first half of the trip.

I wore Nakamu on this trip and it was a big success.



Introducing the new color khaki!

This color was just made, and when we saw the finished product after returning home, we were impressed by how beautiful it was.

And here it is for this summer.


A new pair of shorts has also been born!

This style was actually inspired by a pair of vintage shorts I came across at a flea market in Paris a few years ago, and features Aquvii's signature CONTROL (size adjustable) waist. It's already on sale at Jeans and is popular with both men and women, but we're releasing it in a colorful, cool summer fabric.

This model is produced in limited quantities, so we apologize if it sells out. Let's get through the hot summer with this.

We'll be packing all these thoughts into our trunk and holding a POPUP at Hamamatsu EE from July 6th.

[EVENT] Back to | Hamamatsu EE | Aquvii POPUP〈2024.7.6(sat)~15(mon)〉

Kyozo Nakamu will be visiting EE for the first two days. I will bring the products introduced here, so I would be happy if you could try them on.

We will continue to have new arrivals next week. Please check them out online, on EE, and at Secret Base.


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