【collection】8月10日はハンドの日!hand shadow neckless

[collection] August 10th is Hand Day! Hand Shadow Neckless

Did you know what day next month, August 10th, is?
Road Day , Inn Day, Hat Day, Heart Day, Reggae Music Day...When I looked into it, I found all sorts of things, and I was once again amazed at the number of commemorative days Japan has.
What Aquvii would like to talk about is "Hand Day".
At Aquvii, they are often used as motifs for original accessories.
This time we will introduce the "hand shadow neckless," which is based on a hand-made shadow puppet motif!
hand shadow neckless(dog) ¥2,750
hand shadow neckless(cock) ¥2,750
hand shadow neckless(pigeon) ¥2,750
hand shadow neckless(ribbit) ¥2,750
If you hold the charm up to the light, it will create a shadow picture, even though it's upside down.
The shapes of the hands are also designed in detail, so you can even try recreating them as shadow puppets ( though the staff found the dog to be the most difficult to recreate...)
It was a day to appreciate the indispensable "hands" in our daily lives and to show our appreciation for them❤︎
Please give it a try!