【collection】2023西海岸レポート ~Los Angels編~

[collection] 2023 West Coast Report ~Los Angels Edition~

Hi there!

Hello. Well, everyone, please wait (?)

The second half of the 2023 West Coast Report will be the ~Los Angels edition~. Last time we sent you the top 5 most popular items, but this time we will report on them with a lot of photos.

Aquvii Kyozo & Nakam, but in December 2023, the United States has come to the West Coast. first half

San Francisco edition

Click here

The second half is here!

The purpose of going to LA is introduced in the TOP video.


We are handling Aquvii, but this time we are expanding it! !

As well as accessories,

We have also developed the Aquvii Jeans and sv925 series!

Since December is the gift season, the store was crowded, and Aquvii also went on a journey to meet many people! !

Some of them even knew Aquvii and came all the way~🤩

Thank you so much -!!

The store is located in a place called ROW DTLA in DOWNTOWN of LA.

On the weekends, there were events such as markets and it was very lively.

The most popular item was this one worn by Nakam.


Almost everything I brought with me is gone. . (sold out! thank you!!)

Asia ♡

denim version


It was also purchased by LA model and influencer Jay-kun,

(He was a really nice guy)

jayminkhansmith / ticktock

Everyone was happy with the bottoms too!

In the meantime, Nakamu is obsessed with his favorite donuts.

mr. Good's DONUTS google map

This donut shop seems to be a favorite.

Also very active in LA


As expected, many people asked me "Where did you buy it?" on the street.

(He's eating again.)

Just like that, I made a rare trip to the American West Coast.

It was a fun and delicious trip to go on during the Christmas season.

Finally, I'll leave you with a photo of my fellow travelers, our leaders, Mune from HIGHTTIDE STORE US., and ONAWA .

I'll write on a whim when I go somewhere again.

Well then~

Aquvii Kyozo

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