【collection】本とおでかけ、春コーデ NEW BCB×Aquvii Jeans

[Collection] Books and outings, spring outfits NEW BCB×Aquvii Jeans

The warm weather is making you want to go out somewhere. Why not take out a book and start a digital detox outing? We will introduce a coordination that combines the "Aquvii Jeans", which is easy to wear at this time of year, and the "NEW BCB", which is convenient for carrying books.
《For museum visits》 When you want to look light and beautiful on your days off, wear denim that you are used to wearing. We recommend matching the necklace and book cover with sweet colors. over zip all ¥28,600/ NEW BCB( dark flamingo ¥3,850/pearl ball chain(GD) ¥3,850
<<A perfect companion for the park>> It's nice to spend some time relaxing in the sun. The over zip all has adjustable shoulder straps, so you can roll them up and enjoy a different look. over zip all ¥28,600/ NEW BCB (chick yellow ) ¥3,850/ mantler (size 50cm) ¥3,850

{For when you go out on a rainy day} When wearing rain boots, it's really difficult to decide what bottoms to wear, but you still want to look fashionable. Tuck shorts that don't lose their silhouette even when wet are great for the rainy season. CONTROL TACK SHORTS [CAVOUR] ¥24,200/ NEW BCB (aurora blue) ¥3,850/rosary neckless ¥2,200

*Over Zip All is currently on backorder, so if you are interested, please contact us through the online "request for stock" page.*

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