[Collection] Recommended for your new life! A collection of rings for daily use

It's April now! Hello, this is Aquvii.
Many of you may be attending school entrance ceremonies, transferring, or starting a new life.
In these busy days of changing environments, we'll introduce you to Aquvii's casually playful rings that are easy to use daily to bring you a little healing and morale boost for every occasion!

For when you want to refresh yourself.
In the middle of the week, when you start to feel tired, try refreshing combinations like green and white. If you can't think of anything to wear, try changing the fingers you wear your rings on or in different orders.
(From the left) Braid ring ¥3,850 / Memphis ring pina colada (white) ¥4,950 / Weekly ring Saturday (Sax), Wednesday (White), Sunday (Purple) ¥4,950

When you want to tighten your mood

Before an important business meeting or an exam. When you want to get yourself in the right frame of mind, choose a cool color. You might become a little cooler and more capable than usual.

(From the left) braid ring sv925 ¥7,700 / weekly ring Monday (Navy), Friday (Black) ¥4,950 / memphis ring mojito (mint) ¥4,950

For when you want to look sophisticated and elegant.

Even if you get a sudden invitation to dinner on the weekend, you won't have to worry. The combination of gold and red will add an elegant touch to your usual outfit.
(From left) memphis ring manhattan (amber) ¥4,950 / weekly ring Tuesday (Beige), Thursday (Bordeaux) ¥4,950 / braid earcuff ¥7,700

Be sure to incorporate Aquvii accessories into your hands and get through your new life!

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