【collection】2023西海岸レポート ~San Francisco編~

[collection] 2023 West Coast Report ~San Francisco Edition~

Hi There!

Happy new year 2024! Thank you for your continued support this year.

This is Aquvii Kyozo.

Aquvii's Kyozo & Nakamu went to the West Coast of the United States in December 2023, so I would like to report on the experience there, along with items that were popular there.

First of all, I was told that SF76 in San Francisco's Japantown would be holding a HOLIDAY POPUP, so I headed to SF, my first city.

(Can you see it a little?)

Lots of high-quality products, mainly HOME WEAR, such as Japanese tableware!

The store is very popular with locals, and the customers I met later in LA were also excited about SF76. It was crowded with customers on weekends.

I had Aquvii products in this store for about three weeks, and they read the instructions carefully and were smiling while shopping.

We will deliver the most popular products in a ranking format! (suddenly)

5th place [pearl ball chain]

4th place [kiss hug ring]

Many people chose the fifth place pearl ball necklace for themselves, and I was happy that the father took the time to choose the pink gold Kiss Hug Ring as a gift for his daughter.

Meanwhile, when you think of San Francisco, you think of the Golden Gate Bridge !

I chose a day with good weather and went to see it.

The view of downtown from across the bridge was really beautiful.

Anyway, the hot dogs sold at the parking lot looked delicious.

Let's continue!

3rd place [hand shadow necklace]

2nd place [Horoscope ring]

The shadow puppet necklace was chosen by a woman who designs it, and the constellation ring was chosen as a gift or for yourself, regardless of age or gender, which design is yours? And so-and-so is ~za! They seemed to be having fun watching it.

This time, I was staying in a place called Auckland, which was across another bridge. We went for a drink at the bar over there called Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon .

A bar that seems to have been frequented by a novelist named Jack London. The floor, which was said to have slanted a long time ago, is still very slanted.

Do you understand? Ah, you can tell from this beer image!

At first glance, I thought the bartender was unfriendly! He was a kind man who really liked mischief. The kind of pranks I get played on them is something I'll enjoy when I go.

and! The prestigious first place is...! !

[pasta necklace]

Very popular in any land! In particular, the necklace I had brought with me was gone in about two days.

As Aquvii, who loves seafood, mountain food, meat, vegetables, American and Chinese food, I was very happy!

Well, the journey continues for a little while.

Next, let's go a little further and head to Los Angeles.

See you again in the second part.

Aquvii Kyozo

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. Please stay safe. I am saddened by the sad news that comes out every day, but I feel frustrated because I can't do anything. Right now, I'm trying to do what I can every day and stay calm so that 2024 will be as good as possible. Don't worry about it, everyone.

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