【 Collection】台湾で人気だったアイテム特集

[Collection] Special feature on items that were popular in Taiwan

Love you!!
This time's special feature is "Special feature on items that were popular in Taiwan"
Introducing Aquvii items that were popular at the Good Hand Kan Smile Market held in Taiwan last week!
Necklaces are popular in Taiwan! And silver color was more popular than gold.
Most importantly, I was happy to hear so many questions about our products and brands!

According to Mr. Sho, a Taiwanese man who attended the event with me,

"Taiwanese people are like Osaka people in Japan! They love to talk!"

And everyone is so kind! !

On the train, the old man put my luggage in the upper shelf, and when I went shrimp fishing, the guy next to me taught me how to fish for shrimp. He was very kind to me!

Here are the Aquvii items that were popular with Taiwanese people!

NO.1 Everyone loves clear gamaguchi

NO.2 Popular in Taiwan! rock eye necklace

NO.3. I only learned the meaning and benefits! pasta necklace

 Taiwanese people love coffee! coffee fresh necklace

At the bottom of the article, we have posted the purchase pages for the items introduced this time, so please check out the items you are interested in.