【collection】春先におすすめ! layered accessories

[Collection] Recommended for early spring! layered accessories

Even though February only ended on the 29th, it felt like it flew by in the blink of an eye.
It's already March...it's the season to enjoy fashion.

This time we recommend it in early spring! Introducing accessories recommended for layered wear.

Combining a simple ring with a ring that makes a point

A ring with a large motif on the index finger is a focal point. On the middle finger, a ring with a simple motif is layered for a slightly loose look!

braid zig zag ring gun heart ring sv925

Rings and bracelets are must-have items for early spring.

The slim and simple sigeru simada rinngu is an accessory that is easy to incorporate into layering! In early spring, add some glamor to your hands with a bracelet.

mantler sv925 smooth curve ring sigeru simada ring wavy wavy ring

Dare to layer large rings with different shapes

Large rings with different motifs that go well with casual clothes.
The skull parts ring comes in a set of 3, but you can wear them separately to create a different atmosphere◎

inring GD zig zag ring sv925 skull parts ring -3set-

[necklace edition]

Pair it with a choker and necklace

Point neklace looks great with any outfit and is easy to incorporate into layered accessories, so we recommend it!
Just pair it with a necklace for a more sophisticated look.

point necklace hand shadow necklace

Wear two necklaces
This is the way I've been hooking it lately. Multiple necklaces of slightly different lengths.
The key is to match small motifs with simple neck clothes!

thunder necklace yes no necklace

How was it?
I hope you all enjoy layered coordination!

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