【 New Arrival 】【 チャラン・ポ・ランタン小春 x Aquvii 】 小春の金歯・小春の歯型セット

[New Arrival] [Charan Po Lantern Koharu x Aquvii] Koharu's Gold Tooth, Koharu's Tooth Mold Set

<Pre-order item>【Charan-Po-Rantan Koharu x Aquvii】Koharu's Gold Tooth Ring / Necklace

Charan-Po-Rantan Koharu x Aquvii "Koharu's Gold Teeth" accessories. Koharu's gold teeth have been turned into accessories. This mysterious accessory was created based on a suggestion from Koharu herself. Now you too will have zero tooth worms.

*It is slightly smaller than your actual teeth.
*A portion of the sales will be donated to Koharu's dental treatment.

[Charan-Po-Rantan Koharu x Aquvii Koharu's Gold Teeth]
▪︎ Type … Koharu Gold Tooth Ring
▪︎ Color…one
▪︎ Size … ring: Free from #9 necklace: 44.0cm (chain) teeth: 1× 0.8 cm
▪︎Material … Brass
▪︎ Price … ¥6,480 including tax <No cavities>


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    Koharu's Gold Teeth [x charan po lantern Koharu]