【New Arrival】Aquvii's Spread Charm

[New Arrival] Aquvii's Spread Charm

"Aquvii's Spread Charm" held all over the country

Aquvii has collected vintage parts from all over the world.

It's a workshop-style event where you decide the layout and make your own original accessories, and I think it's always enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to adults.

The display looks like this. It's cool, isn't it? Everything fits into a vintage wooden trunk, and other old items like thread spools, film cases, and ironing boards are also used.

At the event, each part costs 500 yen, and some people even take them home.

If you want, we can make a pierce/earring (1000 yen), a bracelet (2000 yen), or a necklace (3000 yen). You can even choose the chain, so it's a lot of fun to think together with the customer, like "Maybe this one would be better?" or "Wouldn't this one be better?"

Since the event can only be held when Aquvii is actually there, it is difficult to hold it in many locations, but I have posted a few special items that I secretly created during the preparation time on the online store.

This time, Kyozo's top pick is this

bracelet / FiveGuys ¥4,950

These parts are American vintage. I really like the name I gave them.

They're all one-of-a-kind, so once they're gone they're gone, but I'll make them again if I feel like it.

This is the scene from the other day at AKATSUKI cafe & something in Ushimado Town, Okayama Prefecture. (It was fun!)

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