【 New Arrival 】Ginjyaal / Ginjyaal necklace 【Ginjyaal】

[New Arrival] Ginjyaal / Ginjyaal necklace [Ginjyaal]

Finally released!

“Ginjyaal” is a ginger ale produced by Aquvii!!

We use only ginger that is carefully grown in Miyazaki Prefecture without pesticides or fertilizers, and we carefully process everything from cleaning to packaging in Soo City, Kagoshima Prefecture, near the production area. Masu.

Three years after the concept was conceived, the Aquvii development team frequently traveled between Miyazaki and Kagoshima, and with the development cooperation of Fujitaka Design, a company that mainly produces food-related designs in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, they selected ginger farmers and began producing prototypes. After repeated sales tests, we finally created the ideal Jinsha syrup.

Not only can you make ginger ale with carbonated water, but you can also make hot ginger with warm water. Milk with milk is also highly recommended, and alcoholic drinks such as ginger highball and ginger sour are also great. It can also be used as a secret ingredient in ginger dishes, salads, or as a secret ingredient in dishes.

Rather than adding too much, use the bare minimum of ingredients.

Besides ginger, I only use white pepper and castor sugar. Made with exquisite distribution (trade secret).

The finished product that reaches your mouth depends on your ideas.

Nice to meet you, I'm Ginger.

Recommended usage

⚫︎Ginger ale / Ginjyaal 40g + carbonated water 120g

⚫︎Hot ginger milk / Ginjyaal 40g + warmed milk 120g + orange (cut)

⚫︎Ginger Highball / Ginjyaal 20g + Carbonated Water 100g + Whiskey 30g + Ice as needed

⚫︎Fruit Dip Ginjyaal / Dip your favorite fruits such as strawberries, oranges, and apples directly into Ginjyaal!

【New Arrival】Ginjyaal

◼︎Name: Ginger syrup

◼︎Ingredients: Ginger (from Miyazaki Prefecture), cane sugar, white pepper

◼︎Contents: 160g

◼︎Price: Store price ¥1,600 (taxin ¥1,728)

◼︎How to use: Dilute 4 times and shake well before use.

◼︎Best before date: 8 months from manufacture

◼︎Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place. After opening, please refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.

▶️No. 1: The first commemorative Ginjyaal, we use pesticide-free and fertilizer-free ginger from ``Okamoto Yam Farm'', which produces crops in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, with a focus on natural farming. It has a smooth and easy-to-eat texture. This is a rare type that is limited to Aquvii and is almost sold out. blue package.

▶️No. 2: This also uses ginger from Kenchan Farm in Aya City, Miyazaki Prefecture, which is made without fertilizers or pesticides. A few remaining ginger chips bring out the ginger flavor even more. Great for drinks as well as cooking. green package.

Cute to commemorate the release of Ginjyaal Introducing accessories using antique parts! !

Ginjyaal necklace【Ginjyaal】

Using antique parts made in West Germany in the 1960s.
Ginjyaal initial G necklace.
For all ginger lovers.


【Size】1.5cmx1.4cm (motif), approx. 40cm (chain)

【Material】 60's W.Germany antique charm, brass