【 Renewal Arrival】arrow sign necklace / evolution

【Renewal Arrival】arrow sign necklace / evolution

Sales start from 12:00 on September 28, 2023

The popular arrow sign necklace / evolution has been renewed and is now available!

Which do you prefer, the arrow sign necklace that is simple and easy to use on a daily basis, or the evolution that has a strong presence with the motif of human evolution?



arrow sign necklace

[Description] What is at the end of the arrow? It's also cute when combined with your favorite necklace.

【Notes】There are 2 colors


【Size】0.5cmx0.7cm (motif), 41cm (chain)

[Material] Brass




[Description] A unique accessory with a motif of human evolution. Uses original parts, so it's perfect for people who want to enjoy a slightly different style!

*The chain and brooch fittings were renewed on September 28, 2023.

【Notes】There are 3 types.

【Type】necklace, bracelet, broach


【Size】 <necklace> 1.0cm~2.0cmx0.5cm (each motif), 43.0cm (chain)
<blacelet> 1.0cm~2.0cmx0.5cm (each motif), 19.0cm (chain)
<broach> 1.0cm~2.0cmx0.5cm (each motif)

[Material] Brass



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