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New Shimai chopstick rest

New Shimai chopstick rest

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charan-po-rantan x Aquvii
Second collaboration!

Continuing from the very popular first accessory, this time we have a chopstick rest that says, "I've never seen anything like this before!" Enjoy a dazzling and mysterious world with the great success of Charan Po Lantern, who does not know how to stop!

charan po lantern
A sister unit consisting of Momo (singing / younger sister born in Heisei era) and Koharu (accordion / older sister born in Showa era).
Starting with Balkan music, chanson, various folk music and songs, he incorporates all genres and creates music called "Charan po lantern". His unique view of the world that spreads beyond just sound attracts people, and he is very active both in Japan and overseas.

Aquvii is one of those who was fascinated by the world view.
The second collaboration of New Akbi, which collaborated with New Shimai!

〈Charan Po Lantern × Aquvii〉
It's called a chopstick rest, but it's fun to play with it and take pictures with it.

[Notes] There are 2 motifs

【Type】chopstick rest

【Motif】KOHARU(braid), MOMO(bob hair)

[Size] 5.5cm x 1.5cm x 2cm

[Material] Brass

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