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SKB holder

SKB holder

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It is a holder that uses a USED skateboard.
Is the illet paper like a wheel? You can also lay it down and use it on a rack.

As many tricks as you have scored are engraved with marks that serve as proof.

※It will be a one-of-a-kind item.
*It is an assembly type.
*Because the used skateboard is processed as it is, there are many scratches and cracks. We hope that those who can feel the "taste" of scratches and cracks that have been loved and used will have it. (We do not accept returns or exchanges due to scratches or cracks.)
*The back side will not be visible after installation, but the deck tape has been peeled off and cleaned with a damp cloth. Adhesive may remain.


[Color] maple / solid wood / assortment

W21cm x D17cm x H79.5cm (after assembly)

USED ​​SKATEBOARD DECK, Steel, Oil stain, urethane varnish finish

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