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All Necklace チャラン・ポ・ランタン

HARORIchorker [x charan po rantan peach]

HARORIchorker [x charan po rantan peach]

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A special collaboration with "Momo" who wants to sing, who also collaborated on Charan Po Lantern's independence anniversary and has been using Aquvii regularly!

A pleasant choker full of the feeling of "Harori" that you can wear around your neck and wrists!
There are three special colors: “Horori Pink”, “Horori Blue”, and “Horori Black”.
If you wear this, you will definitely have a “bright” day!

charan po lantern
A sister unit consisting of Momo (singing / younger sister born in Heisei era) and Koharu (accordion / older sister born in Showa era).

Starting with Balkan music, chanson, various folk music and songs, he incorporates all genres and creates music called "Charan po lantern". His unique view of the world that spreads beyond just sound attracts people, and he is very active both in Japan and overseas.

And Aquvii is one of those who was fascinated by that worldview.

〈Charan Po Lantern Momo × Aquvii〉

This choker was made in response to a request from "Momo", who wants to sing Charan Po Lantern, to commemorate her birthday.

【Notes】There are 3 velvet colors



[Size] 27cm + adjuster (chain)

【Material】Brass, Velvet

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