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All Collaboration necklace NEW

UMA complete set [x Dehara Yukinori]

UMA complete set [x Dehara Yukinori]

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A special complete set of 3 types of very affordable accessories and a signed book!

YAMAVICO HAUS “My Neighbor UMA Land” publication commemorative accessories! Also appears in the book Publication commemorative accessories!

A figure of Yukinori Dehara , who also appears in the book, is now available as an accessory! !

UMA necklace (Dr. Nakazawa / Yeti / Mongolian death Worm) 3 types and autographed by Ken Nakazawa and Yukinori Dehara This is a set of ``My Neighbor UMA Land: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Unidentified Creatures in Photographs.''

[Notes] Comes in 3 motifs ( Dr. Nakazawa / Yeti / Mongolian death worm ) & special signed book

【Type】 necklace & book set

[Color] one


Dr. Nakazawa : 2.5cm
Yeti: 1.6cm
Mongolian death Worm : 1.3cm
chain: 45cm


“My Neighbor UMA Land Picture Book of Unidentified Organisms” Ken Nakazawa + Yukinori Dehara

Introducing 50 species of UMA (Unidentified Organisms) with impressive discovery photos and illustrated book!
A large collection of freely shaped UMAs!
Contains all-color photos with full ruby ​​that can be enjoyed by both children and adults!


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