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<Sold out> Lien necklace 【x corne】-brass-

<Sold out> Lien necklace 【x corne】-brass-

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[Description] Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture A collaboration necklace with the European goods store " Corne ". The two hands, as if weaving a bond, are impressive.

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[Notes] A portion of the sales will be donated to Ishikawa Prefecture through corne to support the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake. For this product, we will donate ¥1500 of the sales amount.


【Color】brass, sv

【Size】48cm (all) / 0.8cmx3cm (motif), 45cm (chain)

【Material】 brass,resin pearl


On January 1, 2024, there was another big earthquake in Japan. 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake. Every time a tragic incident or accident occurs in Japan or around the world, is there something we can do? The more I think about it, the more there is not much that the best brands and shops can do. . This time as well, when I was feeling helpless, I was in touch with my business partner and friend, Mr. and Mrs. Corne from Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and asked if it would be possible to make some supportive accessories. I received your words.

I'll do it right away! With the help of many people, and with great speed, this "Lien Necklace" was born (see Corne's words below for the origin of the wonderful name).

I would also like to inform you that a portion of the sales will be donated to Ishikawa Prefecture, which was affected by the disaster, through corne.

However, I have created a cute necklace that is very Aquvii-like and corne-like, so I would be very happy if you could wear it without thinking too much about it. necklace 2 peace, le lien grandissant.

Aquvii Kyozo Kawabe

◆From “corne”

The purpose of the event was to provide support in the wake of the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake that occurred on January 1st, and although it was a tragic event, we received messages of support not only from all over Japan but from all over the world. However, I was able to feel a strong desire to connect with everyone, and it gave me a very warm feeling.

Because of that, I felt that there is a bond and connection between humans, even if we are far apart, to live in this world. The situation with this Noto Peninsula earthquake was different, but I was able to gain that knowledge and use it as strength because of my experiences with the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the Kumamoto Earthquake, so I feel that this is also connected. Masu. I also wondered if I could connect people with pearls that represent the richness of the Noto sea.

We named the company Lien because we thought it would be possible to express it in French for the European goods store Cornet, which has the concept of ``connecting and bonding.'' It is a word that has the meaning of connection or relationship, and is used when connecting people to people, things to things, or people and things.

corne Takuya Matsuda, Chika Matsuda

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