【 New Arrival 】UMA necklace【 xデハラユキノリ】

[New Arrival] UMA necklace [x Yukinori Dehara]

Sales start from 12:00 on September 1, 2023

YAMAVICO HAUS "My Neighbor UMA Land"
Publication Commemorative Accessory! appear in the book
Yukinori Dehara 's figure is now an accessory!

UMA Researcher Dr. Nakazawa , Yeti Mongolian death 3 types of worms!

special this time UMA necklace (Dr. Nakazawa, Yeti, Mongolian death Worm) 3 types and signed by Ken Nakazawa and Yukinori Dehara The UMA set of "My Neighbor UMA Land Unidentified Creature Encyclopedia Seen in Photos" is also on sale!
Quantities are limited, so hurry up!

By all means, please wear it so that you can feel UMA close to you!

【Notes】There are 3 motifs

【Type】 necklace

[Motif] Dr. Nakazawa, Yeti, Mongolian death worm


Dr. Nakazawa : 2.5cm
Yeti: 1.6cm
Mongolian death Worm : 1.3cm
chain: 45cm

[Material] Brass


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    UMA complete set [x Dehara Yukinori]


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    Neighboring UMA Land Picture book of unidentified creatures