【Project】Lien necklace〈corne x Aquvii〉ご報告

[Project] Lien necklace〈corne x Aquvii〉Announcement

2024.4.12 Thank you very much to everyone who supported us!

The "Aquvii et corne" event was held from February 17 to 25, 2024. Thanks to everyone, it ended with great success. In fact, this event also served as a way to support the recovery from the Noto Peninsula earthquake of 2024.

One of these was the unveiling of the Aquvii x corne Noto Earthquake Reconstruction Support Lien Necklace. corne will take responsibility for the donation of 30% of the sales from those who have supported the Lien Necklace, and will donate the total amount of 130,170 yen from corne and Aquvii to Ishikawa Prefecture on March 27, 2024.

The event itself was so much fun that it seemed to fly by because everyone who came to the store looked like they were having so much fun.

According to corne, Ishikawa Prefecture must be fine because it looks like so much fun.

It was a very meaningful event as we were able to meet many customers with happy smiles and enjoy shopping.

The Lien necklaces you ordered will be shipped soon and will arrive to you one by one. Please wait a little longer until then.

Both corne and Aquvii are truly grateful for the tremendous support and cooperation that has made this project possible. We feel that this support has been a great source of inspiration for our store and our activities going forward.

It is still difficult to say that Ishikawa Prefecture has recovered, and terrible natural disasters and incidents are occurring both at home and abroad, but we must first do what we can.

We will not stop there, but will continue to carry out activities that will make everyone smile, so we appreciate your continued support.

Thank you very much for this opportunity!!

"Aquvii" and "corne"

Takuya Matsuda Chika

Kyozo Kawabe Nakamu


2024.2.14 Aquvii and corne are launching a new project!

I hope that everyone's bonds will be connected.

A portion of the sales (30% of the sales price) will be donated to Ishikawa Prefecture through corne to support the recovery efforts following the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake.

This necklace is a collaboration with the European goods store " corne " in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. The two hands that seem to weave a bond are striking.

[Type] Necklace

[Color] brass , sv

【Size】48cm (all) / 0.8cmx3cm (motif), 45cm (chain)

[Material] (brass) brass, resin pearl, (sv925) sv925, freshwater pearl

Order acceptance: February 14th to February 29th, 2024

Expected delivery date: Mid-April 2024


On January 1, 2024, there was another big earthquake in Japan. The Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024. Whenever a tragic incident or accident occurs in Japan or around the world, I wonder if there is something we can do. The more I think about it, the less a single brand or store can do. Just as I was feeling helpless again, I was in contact with my business partner and friend, the husband and wife of "corne" from Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, when they asked me if I could make some support accessories.

I said I'd do it right away, and with the help of many people, the "Lien Necklace" was born in a surprising amount of time (for the origin of the wonderful name, see the words of corne below).

We would also like to announce that a portion of our sales will be donated through corne to the disaster-stricken Ishikawa Prefecture.

But, I have created a cute necklace that is very Aquvii-like and corne-like, so I would be very happy if you wear it without thinking too much. Necklace 2 peace, Le lien grandissant.

Aquvii Kyozo Kawabe

◆From "corne"

The purpose of the event was to provide support for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024, which occurred on January 1st. However, we received messages of support not only from all over Japan but from all over the world, and although it was a tragic event, we were able to feel a strong desire among everyone to connect, which made us feel very warm inside.

Therefore, I felt that even if we are apart, there are still human bonds and connections that exist, because we live in this world. Although the situation was different with the recent Noto Peninsula earthquake, we were able to use the knowledge and strength we gained from the experiences of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the Kumamoto Earthquake, so I feel that this is also a connection. I also thought that pearls, which represent the richness of the Noto Sea, could be connected to the hands of people who are connected.

As a European general store called Corné, we wanted to express our philosophy of "connecting, bonding" in French, so we named it Lien. It is a word that means connection or relationship, and is used when connecting people with other people, things with other things, or people with things.

corne Takuya Matsuda, Chika Matsuda

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