Gap time written by Miyu Kotani

Gap time written by Miyu Kotani

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At the end of July 2022, we will publish the first collection of essays by model Miyu Kotani, also known as “Omiyu”.

The web series on the NAOT JAPAN official website has finally been published as a book!
“Omiyu”, who has an outstanding influence on SNS, writes about her daily life and murmurs of her heart from the end of her 20s to the beginning of her 30s.
We invited Shin Sobue of Cosfish to design the book.
In addition to newly written essays and newly recorded interviews, it also includes many photographs that have been taken.
This is a book with great attention to detail in every aspect.

Title: Gap Time Author: Miyu Kotani Publisher: Loopsha Format: Hardcover (hardbound) 216 pages Price: 2,200 yen + tax

(Excerpt from Loopsha)

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