【 Event】チャラン・ポ・ランタン 14周年 & 独立2周年おめでとうフェア・ライブ出店のお知らせ

[Event] Charan Po Rantan 14th Anniversary Congratulations on 2nd Anniversary of Independence Fair/Live Opening Announcement

Congratulations to Charan-Po-Rantan! ! !

To commemorate the 14th anniversary and 2nd anniversary of independence of Charan Po Rantan, with whom we always collaborate, we have picked up recommended products including collaboration items!!

*If you would like your order delivered by Charan Po Rantan Live on 9/30, please place your order by 9/25. (Delivery may be delayed due to weather. Please note that there is no guarantee that your package will arrive.)

And then, Aquvii will be on a business trip to the venue of Charan Po Lantang's 14th anniversary & 2nd anniversary celebration live!

Collaboration items, of course! We also have many Aquvii accessories available! !

I'm looking forward to meeting all the Charan Po Rantan fans!

▪︎Date... Saturday, September 30, 2023

▪︎ Open... Doors open 17:00 / Performance starts 18:00

▪︎ Place... Tokyo Cinema Club



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  • products/aq904_HARORIchorker_01.jpg

    HARORIchorker [x charan po rantan peach]


  • files/aq907_0.jpg

    Koharu's Gold Teeth [x charan po lantern Koharu]